We know shockingly little about many of the conveniences we rely on in modern life. The cars we drive, the trains we ride, the smartphones into which we type our most sensitive personal data — for most of us, their inner workings are pure mystery. The same goes for our birth control. Questions abound about the tiny pills — or patches, or condoms, or intrauterine devices — that we count on to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Many women obsessively Google questions about contraception, along with other reproductive health queries. Google no further. The Lily’s video series, “When Used Correctly,” has answers for you. The Lily is asking the important questions for you. “When Used Correctly” is a show about contraception.


Unfiltered” is a seven-video series from The Lily and The Washington Post that asks YouTubers to share a story their followers haven’t heard before – about grappling with online harassment, exploring their sexuality and facing the unknown. The series is an opportunity for The Post and The Lily to reach new audiences across our distributed platforms and expose our brands to the more than three million subscribers who follow these influential women.

“Nora Knows What to Say” is a new advice series from The Lily and Nora McInerny, author of “No Happy Endings” and host of the podcast “Terrible, Thanks for Asking.” She knows all about navigating challenges. In 2014, her husband died of brain cancer, her father died and she miscarried her second child — all in the span of seven weeks. In this series, McInerny helps readers of The Lily prepare for difficult conversations.