Do you stay up at night googling reproductive health questions? The Lily is asking the important questions for you. “When Used Correctly” is a show about contraception. New episodes every Thursday.



I pitched and launched "When Used Correctly," The Lily's first weekly show. I produce, shoot, host and edit the show, as well as lead strategy and promotion. "When Used Correctly" launched on IGTV. It's a show page on Facebook Watch, and you can find it on YouTube and Apple News. Season one was seven episodes and ran from June through August. Season two is slated for early 2019.


What is Cyberchondria?

Episode 1 | Season 1

“Cyberchondriac” is now an actual word in the Oxford Dictionaries. Women tell us the last reproductive health question they Googled, and an expert tells us which sites we can trust.

I got the arm implant

Episode 3 | Season 1

"It looked like a stapler." Brittany answers Andrea's questions about the arm implant, insertion and side effects. Which birth control method is more effective at preventing pregnancy – the arm implant or sterilization?

A key innovation in how we use the pill today

Episode 5 | Season 1

Five years after the pill became available for contraceptive use in the U.S., it was the most popular form of birth control in the country. During this time, it was still illegal in some states. In other states, you had to be married. What's more, this early design flaw gave many women anxiety.

A breakup over birth control

Episode 7 | Season 1

Washington Post Solo-ish editor Lisa Bonos was in a new relationship that had more potential than any other in recent years. Until they had an argument about birth control that changed everything.

Answers to 5 common contraception questions

Episode 2 | Season 1

Of heterosexual couples under age 30 who have sex once a week and don’t use birth control, over what percent of them will be pregnant within a year?

The surprising history of the IUD

Episode 4 | Season 1

Do you have an IUD? If you were born in the 1950s, you might've had the Dalkon Shield. It killed at least 20 women and caused many other complications. See what it looked like, along with the Lippes Loop and other early contraceptive devices.

Lorelei, Elaine and contraception

Episode 6 | Season 1

Pop culture video editor Nicki DeMarco uncovers the many methods of approaching birth control on television. It took a long time to get to the “sponge-worthy” moment on Seinfeld. Before the late ’80s and early ’90s, TV writers really avoided the issue of birth control, or found bizarre ways around it.