teaching resources

I'm an adjunct instructor at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism. Below are slide presentations and hands-on exercises I've created. In addition to adjunct teaching, I give talks at universities and journalism conferences.


Five steps to making a good picture

There's a difference between taking pictures and making pictures – as photographer Matt Brown has said. Expensive equipment doesn't make a good picture. You must put thought into the photo-making process. Here are five steps to making a good picture.

This is an interactive activity. Pick two volunteers: a photographer and a subject. Show how a portrait evolves as your photographer puts thought into the photo-making process.

web video inspiration

This presentation breaks down how web video can be different from traditional broadcast video. Web and social media video present more opportunities for experimentation – pushing the envelope on traditional stand-ups, story structures and B-roll sequences.

Included in these slides are examples of experimental video storytelling and what channels to follow for further inspiration.

Experimental Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling means more than just video and still images. This presentation looks at examples how GIFs, cinemagraphs, and slow-motion and time-lapse videos can be used to tell stories in unique ways.

These slides include mobile apps to experiment with to make 360 images, double exposures and mirrorgrams.