Remnants (2009)

Remnants (2009) is a self-published photographic book made possible by the UCLA Winter 2009 Project Award for Undergraduate Art Majors.

Remnants are the small remainders of what no longer exists. They can be understood as psychological and sociological magnifications of humans, presenting a relationship between human behavior and interaction, and the tangible, real world.

The formal juxtaposition of images of storefronts, urban and rural landscapes, and distortions of light is a representation of human interaction on both a global and individual scale.

Human interaction changes the state of an object or setting. These empty, vacant scenes, though lacking images of humans, are the most honest portraits of human behavior and interaction. Objects in their current state and orientation are signs of the ways in which humans have interacted with them, and a parallel to the ways in which we interact with each other.

Out of History (2007)

Out of History (2007) is a self-published 80-page photographic book of my accumulated work from 2005 – 2007.

“Soon now we shall go out... into the convulsion of the world, out of history into history and the awful responsibility of Time.”  – Robert Penn Warren