What do coyotes eat in Los Angeles?


What do LA's urban coyotes eat? To find out, scientists have enlisted an army of volunteer scat hunters to scour the city for coyote poop. What they've found so far is surprising.

Illustrations and video by Maya Sugarman/KPCC.

Music: "Ragtime Dance" by Scott Joplin.

The Process

This was a quick-turnaround platform-based video experiment. My challenge: how can I make a listicle-like video that has personality, makes the content approachable and educates the audience? I also made a GIF version of this piece with Twitter in mind.

I created line drawings on paper, scanned them and imported them into Photoshop. I used a Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet to digitally color each drawing. and applied minimal effects in After Effects. I overlaid the drawings on a watercolor paper texture.