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The Hairstyles of Key & Peele

Amanda Mofield, department head hairstylist for the Comedy Central show, “Key & Peele,” did 32 different looks for the first East/West College Bowl skit. "We did three of those [sketches], so I had [96] of those characters that they had to be," said Mofield. "So whatever hair I could find, we would throw it together."


California gun sales shattered records last year

Californians bought guns at a blazing-fast pace last year, setting a record for the most guns ever sold in the state with 1.3 million, according to state data.

Inside a Sriracha Factory

Sriracha hot sauce is produced inside Huy Fong Foods Inc. in Irwindale on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014 during the height of chili harvest. Chili harvesting season lasts until November. During harvest months, 30 to 40 trucks travel each day from a Ventura County farm to the Huy Fong Foods plant.


Rideshare drivers nabbed in LAPD stings

A KPCC investigation has uncovered that the LAPD is conducting stings on Uber and Left drivers – paid for by the taxi cab industry.


Jellyfish Exhibit Opens at Aquarium of the Pacific

An Indonesian Sea Nettle, left, and Spotted Lagoon Jellies are on display at Aquarium of the Pacific's sea jelly exhibit on May 27, 2015. Jellyfish don't have hearts, brains or eyes. Another fun fact: jellies are 95 percent water.


July Fourth Fireworks in Los Angeles

Residents throughout Northeast Los Angeles light fireworks on July 4, 2014. More than 35 communities in Los Angeles County permit state-approved fireworks. Chances are, if you don't buy your fireworks at a fireworks stand, they're illegal.