July Photo Tip of the Month: Get Closer

KPCC reporter Priska Neely wins Photo of The Month. Her image is a great example of why getting closer makes a better picture!

Every month, I send out a photo tip to the KPCC staff! Here's this month's tip:

Priska's winning image is a great example of getting closer. Instead of snapping a far-away picture from the house seats, she got on stage to capture the moment.

Break this bad habit: "I'll crop it later.”

When you amplify sound recorded from far away, it sounds bad. The same goes for images! Zooming and cropping on your phone just leads to crappier image quality.

Zoom with your feet!

You get close with your mic, the same goes for your camera. Get close to your subject! Sometimes that means getting in their personal space and that's OK. Making good pictures is physically awkward.