June Photo Tip of the Month: Layering

 KPCC's  Leo Duran  having fun with me at the  Ice Cream Museum !

KPCC's Leo Duran having fun with me at the Ice Cream Museum!

Every month, I send out a photo tip to the KPCC staff! Here's this month's tip:

What exactly does "layering" mean?

Sadly, this doesn’t have to do with cake. 🍰

There are three parts to a photo: the foreground, middle-ground and background. The goal is to make sure there's something in each of those parts that contributes to telling your story.

Layering is important because it allows the viewer to instantly draw a story from it (you know, the whole “picture worth a thousand words” thing).

Think about your favorite iconic news images – they probably all use layering.

Challenge: how does Nick Ut use layering in his “Napalm Girl” photograph?

Check out this educational blog post to learn more!