Presentation Slides: Web Video Inspiration

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was homeless in São Paulo, Brazil, for nearly 35 years, and became locally known for sitting in the same spot and writing every day. In April 2011, he was befriended by a young woman named Shalla Monteiro. Impressed by his poetry and wanting to help him with his dream of publishing a book, she created a Facebook Page to feature Raimundo’s writing. Neither could have expected what happened next.

This presentation breaks down how web video can be different from traditional broadcast video.

Web and social media video present more opportunities for experimentation – pushing the envelope on traditional stand-ups, story structures and B-roll sequences.

Chris Dean’s heart stopped when he was two. He died but he came back. When Chris was five, his father was murdered, riddled by more than 20 bullets in a gang shootout. At age 18, Chris gained national attention when he introduced President Barack Obama at his high school graduation.

Included in these slides are examples of experimental video storytelling and what channels to follow for further inspiration.

I led this presentation at the USC Annenberg School for Journalism and at the Cal State Fullerton College of Communications.