Zinc plate etching with aquatint (Spring 2011)

This series of plate etchings was inspired by microscopic slides of plant cells.

A process photo of rubber-block printmaking.

Photo Aug 18, 7 06 25 PM.jpg

Rubber block prints, above (Winter 2013)

The top print was constructed using two different carved rubber blocks. The above print is an abstraction that came from looking at tree rings.


Oil paintings (Summer 2009)

These are paintings I did during an advanced painting studio as an art major at UCLA. I was interested in blending organic, bodily shapes with industrial shapes. I spent a lot of time studying circuit boards.


Recent drawings just for fun.

Letterpress and linoleum-block prints (Spring 2013)

Sculpture installation (Spring 2010)

I built this installation for an advanced sculpture class in college. I designed, built and installed the shelving unit using Google Sketch and our wood shop. The flowers absorbed various different liquids for a week.

Hand-thrown pottery (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)